How To Fix Iphone Camera Lens Small Scratched? (Solution)

To dilute rubbing alcohol, combine one part rubbing alcohol with twenty parts water, and then dip a new, clean microfiber cloth into the diluted alcohol. Then gently touch the scratched lens with your fingers. If you do this four times, you will see that the scratches are gradually disappearing.

How do I get rid of small scratches on my camera lens?

Dilute a 3.5 percent solution of rubbing alcohol with water to make the following solution: One part of alcohol is equal to twenty parts of water. Using an alcohol solution, dampen a clean, ideally fresh microfiber cloth and set it aside. Gently wipe the scrape with the moist towel until the scratch is no longer visible (about 30 seconds). With a fresh microfiber towel, dry the lens completely.

Can you fix camera lens scratches?

Method Using Rubbing Alcohol Once the rubbing alcohol has been diluted, gently massage the scratched region of the lens with a clean microfiber cloth after dipping it into the solution. The scratch should begin to fade over time, and once it is completely gone, you may use another microfiber cloth to clean the remainder of the lens so that it is ready to use for photography.

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Do Iphone camera lenses scratch easily?

It simply will not scratch unless it comes into touch with something at least as hard (such as aluminum oxide sandpaper, which is essentially pure sapphire).

How do I stop my iPhone camera from scratching?

Make use of a protective covering. Additionally, look for a camera cover with increased bezels around the lens. If you lay it on a flat surface, the bezels will keep the camera lens from coming into contact with the surface, which will help to avoid scratches and dust. Scratches and dust are kept at bay with this protection for the iPhone 13/13 small camera.

Can my iPhone 12 camera get scratched?

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro’s rear camera arrangement, Apple has kept the sapphire crystal lens cover that it used in previous models. This is also scratched at Mohs levels six and seven, according to the manufacturer. In the video, the narrator speculates that “it’s likely that Apple’s new screen material is keeping the heat away from the pixels.”

Can you scratch iPhone 11 camera?

The triple camera array on the back of the phone is shielded by a scratch-resistant polymer that can withstand scuffs and scratches without losing its integrity. However, as we observed in a separate drop test video, the cameras themselves are not impervious to damage as a result of being dropped.

How do I stop my camera from scratching?

On the rear of the phone, a scratch-resistant coating shields the triple camera array, which is capable of withstanding abrasions and scratches. However, as we witnessed in a separate drop test video, the cameras themselves are not impervious to damage as a result of dropped objects.

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Is it okay to put camera protector on iPhone?

It is always recommended to maintain the camera lens region clean. It is also recommended to use a phone wallet or cover to preserve your iPhone and camera in excellent working order. There is no need to attach a lens protector to the lens because the sapphire glass is likely to be more resistant to damage than anything else you might put on top of it.

Is iPhone lens protector necessary?

Congratulations on receiving your new iPhone! It is entirely up to you whether or not to purchase a Lens Protector for your new iPhone. If you find yourself using the Camera frequently, it could be a good idea to keep it covered while not in use, although this isn’t absolutely necessary.

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