Spy Camera Pen Where Is The Lens? (Solution)

Camera with a spy pen under the name of SIRGAWAIN The lens is integrated into a clip on the front of each of the three camera pens we’re showing you today.

How do I turn off the spy pen on my camera?

On/Off: To turn the device on or off, press the button (1) for 2 seconds. It is set to Video Mode by default (red light). In this case, the pen is recording a video file; simply hold down the button for three seconds and the movie will be stored and the pen will turn off (if it is recording).

How do you turn on a spy pen?

To turn on your pen, push and hold the On/Off Button on the top of the pen (as seen in the picture) for about 2 to 3 seconds. (To turn off the computer, hold down the On/Off Button for 6 seconds.) To check that the pen has been correctly powered up, look for the indication light. A SOLID GREEN indicator light will illuminate to indicate that the pen is turned on and in READY MODE.

How do I reset my spy pen?

Insert a paper clip into the reset button and hold it there for 2 seconds to reset your Spy Cam Pen. With appropriate upkeep and a little tender loving care, your Spy Cam Pen will endure for years! A. Getting Your Spy Pen Recharged (First time only, charge for 3 hours.)

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How do I set the date and time on my spy pen camera?

How to Make a Spy Pen Camera Change Its Date Setting

  1. Start by turning off the spy pen camera and then connecting it to your computer using a USB wire. Double-clicking the camera’s drive icon in the “Computer” section of Windows Explorer will open the drive for the camera. Right-click on the empty space inside the drive and select “Save target as.” Double-click the newly created shortcut “a period of time
  2. Preserve the “a period of time

What is camera pen?

To put it another way, a spy pen is just a regular pen. A good one, with a hidden digital camera inside, allows the user to record a clandestine video, which is commonly done with the pen in a shirt pocket or held in the palm of the hand. The majority of individuals use them for chores when video evidence is beneficial, such as delivering a delivery or doing some discreet shopping.

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