What Is An I Ternational Version Of A Camera Lens? (Solution found)

There is just one answer. The “US Version” lenses are those that have been imported into the United States by the official distributor. They are backed by a one-year warranty in the United States. “International Version” lenses (sometimes known as “gray market” lenses) are lenses that have been (legally) imported into the United States by a third-party manufacturer.

What is an international version lens?

There is just one answer to this question: In the United States, the official distributor imports lenses marked “US Version.” They are backed by a one-year guarantee in the United States of America. Third-party importers of “International Version” (also known as “gray market”) lenses have brought these lenses into the United States (legally).

What does international version mean on a camera?

It is a product that used to be referred to as “Gray Market.” They are cameras that have been brought into the United States at a lesser cost from other countries than Nikon is charging for cameras that are intended for the United States. The trade-off is that you will not be able to obtain a guarantee for the so-called “International Version.”

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How do I know if my lens is US Canon?

The only way to be certain is to contact Canon with the serial number and ask them whether it is a duplicate made in the United States.

What is an imported camera?

In most cases, import refers to a grey market model that does not come with a guarantee from the United States. It indicates that the camera or lens did not enter the United States through authorized channels, but rather that it was delivered to another nation where it failed to sell for whatever reason, and then shipped to the United States through an unapproved distributor.

Is Abe’s of Maine a reputable company?

Abe’s of Maine has received a 4.68-star rating from 14,666 customers, suggesting that the vast majority of consumers are typically happy with their purchases at the company. Customers who are pleased with Abe’s of Maine’s products and services most typically highlight customer service, free delivery, and the whole purchasing experience. Abe’s of Maine is the seventh most popular camera website.

How do I know if my camera is GREY market?

Keep in mind that the most obvious sign of a gray market product is that it does not come with a Nikon Inc. United States guarantee. When purchasing a Nikon product, look for, or specifically request, a Nikon Inc. USA warranty. Ask yourself if you would purchase a product that did not come with a manufacturer’s warranty before you put your money down on the line.

What does international version Kindle mean?

The Amazon Kindle is currently available in over 170 countries and is the first ebook reader to provide free wireless access on a worldwide scale. It is also the world’s most popular ebook reader. It is significantly larger than the Kindle and is intended for reading PDF documents, textbooks, and magazines rather than novels.

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What does Amazon International Version mean?

The term “International Version” refers to a product that was not designed specifically for the United States market. Frequently, they will function in the United States if the networks are compatible. Before you acquire one, you should double-check the specifications.

How do I know if my Nikon camera is a US model?

Unfortunately, Nikon’s prosumer and consumer camera bodies do not have this feature. To identify a NikonUSA body, the serial number of the body must be matched to the serial number of the original box. It will be marked with a “(U)” next to the serial number written on the box, indicating that it was imported by Nikon USA.

Does Canon have international warranty?

A: Canon warranties are only valid in the location in which the device was purchased and for which particular warranty information was provided in the box, according to the manufacturer. Ordinarily, Canon does not provide a worldwide guarantee unless it is clearly stated for certain goods or geographic locations.

What is a GREY market camera?

In the photography industry, a “gray market” camera is one that is offered at a price that is much lower than that charged by the original manufacturer or their authorized dealer. Before considering purchasing from gray market retailers, customers should get familiar with the way the bargain market for high-end cameras operates.

Will Canon service a GREY market camera?

Nikon and Canon will not even accept items from the gray market for repair at their repair facilities. There are no guarantees or customer support. If something goes wrong, you’re on your own. Other difficulties may include the absence of manuals or the presence of alternative manuals (i.e., no English instructions), as well as the fact that they are not qualified for manufacturer’s refunds.

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What is a GREY import camera lens?

A Grey Import is a product that has been sourced from outside of the United Kingdom. Consequently, if the product has a defect, it will very certainly be rejected by the manufacturer for repair under the warranty policy. Some manufacturers in the United Kingdom provide additional years of warranty, and a Grey Import would not be eligible for this.

Are GREY imports genuine?

1) Grey imports are unlawful – They are not illegal, there is nothing criminal about grey imports, and you will not be apprehended by the AFP or any other government agency for doing so.

What is an import model lens?

Canon lenses that are sold in the “gray/grey market,” “imported,” or “direct import” are those that are imported directly by the store or their import agency. You will be required to submit the item to the retailer or the retailer’s service partner, rather than shipping it to Canon as part of the warranty process.

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